iPhone is one of the most used smartphones worldwide with the best and the most intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces. But still the iPhone is full of hidden features and shortcuts that you probably never knew about. Here are the top 5 features and shortcuts not widely known.


Portrait Orientation Lock and iPod Controls

iPhone Orientation Lock

Ever been disturbed by iPhone auto rotation when turning your iPhone? I always suffered this when lying on my bed! Didn’t you too? Just double tap the home button and scroll right to get the Portrait Orientation Lock feature in addition to iPod controls.


Add a Phone Number Pause

iPhone Phone Number Pause

This trick is very handy especially when calling your network operator or someone in a company with an extension. Phone Number Pause feature in iPhone allows you to tell your iPhone to pause after calling a number and then dial another number. So let’s say you are calling a friend in company “X”. The company telephone number is 0678910 and your friend’s extension is 1234. Using this option, iPhone will first dial 0678910, pauses until the call is answered, and then dials 1234 automatically. To use this feature just tap and hold star button”*” after the first number  -a comma will show up- and then add the second number to dial after the pause. If you want to add a pause to an existing contact, edit it, tap the “+*#” button in the bottom left corner, and then tap “pause” button.


Two-finger scrolling

When you come across a text box containing long paragraphs with its own scroll bars and need to scroll the text inside the box, you usually tap inside the box and start scrolling. It’s an annoying process. Two-Finger Scrolling is the solution for this. Just use two fingers to scroll the inner text. Try it below if you are using your iPhone!


Toggle Caps Lock Permanently

iPhone Toggle Caps Lock

Tapping the up arrow in iPhone keyboard toggles caps lock for one character. But sometimes you need to write a sentence or an abbreviation as an example with uppercase letters. Try a fast double tapping to toggle caps lock permanently. One more trick with this tiny button is that instead of tapping the caps lock button and then tapping the character, tap it and keep holding and drag to the desired character and you’ll get it in uppercase.


Taking Screenshots

You are probably wondering now how I took all these screenshots I’m using in this post from my iPhone. Easy. Just press and hold sleep button and then press home button. A screenshot is now saved to your photos.


And that’s it for now folks. Share with us any hidden and not widely known features or shortcuts you know in the comments.