Google Search is definitely the most used search engine on the web. Beside the regular search capability, google provides some cool features to present to you on the fly inside your daily used search page. I will list here some of the best features Google Search provide and I bet you will be using them from now on.




Weather feature gives the ability to check current weather in your city. Just enter “Weather City Name.”


Current Time


Enter “Time City Name” to get current time.


Sunrise and Sunset


Ever wanted to know the time of Sunrise or Sunset in a specific city? Just use “Sunrise/Sunset City Name.”




Google definition is one of the most usable features of Google Search. I personally use it at least once every day. It provides definitions of terms collected from all over the web. Just use “define: Term” and make sure to type “define” in lower case.


Public Data



A very handy feature for researchers. Google provides a range of public data right in the search page. Enter desired statistic name to get the result. Try Population and GDP.


Flight Status


To see flight status type in the name of the airline and flight number.




Enter a calculation you want to perform and Google will do it for you.


Unit Conversion


Unit conversion feature lets you convert units easily. Just try “Number of source unit in destination unit.”


Check Google Search Features official page for more cool features.