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Top 5 Design and Writing Mistakes

Whether you are a web designer, a blogger, or even handling a job in which reporting and presentations are involved, make sure not to fall for those mistakes that will make you look stupid. Although the content is far more important than how a material –whatever that is– looks like, some mistakes will definitely lower your credibility and turn your audience away.

1. Grammar Mistakes:

If you make one of these, I guarantee you; you will destroy your whole content. It’s very easy to avoid after spell-checking and proofreading but has a huge bad effect when committed.

Some of the very common mistakes in grammar are Your vs. You’re, There vs. Their, Its vs. It’s, Stuff vs. Staff, and Where vs. Were.

2. Punctuation:

Punctuation errors are very common among writers. It makes you look professional when done the right way. In fact, it’s all about a few simple rules so if you fail complying with it, well, your work is worthless.

Common errors include:

– Adding a space before punctuation marks.

Incorrect: If you do this ,you will look unprofessional .

Correct: If you do this, you will look unprofessional.

– Using possessive apostrophe (‘) for plurals especially in abbreviations and numbers.

Incorrect: I have a collection of 3 DVD’s for songs of the 1980’s.

Correct: I have a collection of 3 DVDs for songs of the 1980s.

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